One Device, One Application.

What is it about?

On Air is a motion capture device for MTB. It listens movements from both bike and rider. more
More than listen, it can understand them, recognize specific moves and interacts with the rider. 

These capacities lead us to develop 3 services.

  • First is to provide safety to the lone rider. It is called "fall SMS alert". In case of a dramatic crash, it automatically informs someone and send him GPS coordonates. more
  • Second is to protect bikes from theft. It is an intuitive bike alarm. more
  • Last, but not least is to propose a new way to develop his riding skills and have fun! more


No Requirement

No New standard

Compatible with any frame

Plug & Ride

One bottle cage* interface

*If no bottle cage is available, the interface can be fixed anywhere thanks to tie guides.


Motion capture

On Air – N1 is a motion capture device designed for MTB. It listens, analyses and understands any technical move the rider is doing with his bike. It informs back the rider of the detected move.
This is live recording. Express your style !

Physics & Dynamics

To understand the bike movements, the device refers to the Physics & Mathematical laws. In addition, algorithms has been developped to identify specific movements. This technology is totally new in the Bike industry and already shows great capacities…


All the the intelligence of the system is in a spartphone application. With a simple update, it is very easy to implements new fonctions, new technical moves or new sports.

We now focus on MTB, but who knows what tomorrow will be made of ?


Social network

Share your moves and challenge your friends.

But more : upload your trail score and details to feed online databases.

In return, be helped choosing a trail according to the scores of the community.


The system detects falls. If the rider remains unmoving after one, the smartphone will send a warning sms to your friend/family.

It is very accurate and uses captors from both smartphone and device.

Motion alarm

The device integrates a motion detection alarm which prevents the bike from unexpected movement.

It is use to dissuade not allowed person to touch the bike.


Before riding, double check your SAG on your Smartphone. It is as easy as ABC.

Bluetooth 4.0

The device has Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 and use the GPS of the smartphone. We guarante the best autonomy.

The app talks

To inform the pilote while riding, the app can bip or talk. We suggest use headphone to don’t miss anything.